H.265 IP Camera

November 2014, Hisilicon introduced a Hi3516A chipset which is the first H.265 / HEVC chipset for H.265 IP Camera in worldwide.


H.265 IP Camera

1. Low Bandwidth & Storage (H.265 / HEVC compression)
The trend of video surveillance is HD,networking and intelligent. HD video storage and network transmission will bring huge pressure to storage devices and network bandwidth. Hi3516A use H.265 / HEVC compression. comparing with H.264 / AVC coding, H.265 / HEVC can  degradate 50% stream. It can greatly reduce storage space and network bandwidth, which can save lots of money for a big video surveillance project.For comparison with 5M
H.265 IP Camera, H.264 streams (Bit Rate) about 8Mbps while H.265 streams about 4Mbps. However, its excellent low stream is not all H.265 performance, if you set the ROI, then, 5M H.265 IP Camera stream can be reduced to about 2Mbps, the effect is quite significant.

2. Ultra-high definition
H.265 IP Camera also supports up to 7680 * 4320 resolution. In the future,4K or ultra-high definition video also can be encoded by H.265 / HEVC format.

3.Intelligent analysis
Hi3516A flexible & high-performance ARM Cortex-A7 processor work with the second generation of hisilicon intelligent analysis unit IVE2.0. Highly integrated Hi3516A is also very impressive addition to the ROI, DNR, as well as low illumination, 5M@30fps (1080p60) Frame / Line-based real WDR, Defog, DIS (Image Stabilizer), LDC (lens distortion correction), porch mode, latency can be as low as 100ms ( almost same as H.264).

4.Image quality
Hi3516A is real multi-frame WDR and Hisilicon third generation synthetic 3D noise reduction technology, even in harsh lighting conditions can also provide excellent image quality. H.265 also can greatly reduce the smearing of moving objects, We can get image quality for sports. Hi3516A up to 5 MP in real-time video encoding, enabling the network transmission delay of less than 100ms.


When 5MP H.265 IP Camera have the same streams levels of 3MP H.264 IP Camera, the opportunity to be adopted by the project will be much larger. The 2M (1080p) compression effect may be only 6 to 7 percent, but for Cloud-based Home Camera, the stream is the cost, and H.265 is the next generation of technology, a lot more attractive to customers.


If the market began to 1080p H.265 IP Camera when you stays in whether TI / Ambarella / H.264 solutions.How to face the impact of  H.265? Was finally forced to adopt it by customers ? Subversion ? Forgotten ? Or … active face it ?

JVT IP3804S is a 5MP@30fps ip H265 camera module, uses HI3516A + IMX178, has a 1 / 1.8-inch image sensor, H.265 encoding, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), zoom and other features, the H.265 IP Camera module is the world's first H.265 HD network camera module, the  leading features can certainly produce great value. H.265 is the security industry trends potential, will lead the global security industry towards new heights. Currently the security industry mainstream resolution is 1MP, over time, from the development of 1MP to 2MP era, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, in the era of 4K, video coding from H.264 to H .265, in order to reduce high-definition video transmission and storage pressure.

Although H.264 is a higher codec technology, but more than 3MP applications show more and more limitations( bandwidth, storage, network and system construction costs). There is a bottleneck. January 2013, the standard H.265 come out, less than two years, H.265 products meet with users.

JVT IP3804S H265 Camera module features:

1. Low Bandwidth:  H.265 can transmit HD video surveillance signals smooth in narrow network bandwidth and maintain image clarity. In actual tests, the 5MP ip camera live video with H.265 is only 4Mbps, and H.264  requires 8Mbps.

2. Low Storage: H.265 only need half of video storage space at the same resolution and recording time.

3. Tri-streaming: JVT IP3804S H265 camera module output 3 streams, the main stream up to 2592 × 1944, the sub-stream of 1920 × 1080 and 640 × 360.

JVT release H265 camera module while introduct a complete H.265 system solutions to provide customers with high-value applications.

Hi3516A Professional HD IP Camera SoC Brief Data Sheet

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